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Shoutcast hostingShoutcast Hosting is a service which enables users to listen live radio through the websites. 

If you are a FM or Radio company, make your radio live on your website. Your customer will be able to listen your FM live from any corner of the world.

Our shoutcast server has fast internet and has 99.9% uptime guarentee. Our server is rated as No. 1 shoutcast hosting server for quality and uptime in Hosting Reviews.


The tariff depends on the bit rate and number of concurrent listeners. 

Following are the rate sheet for different packages (Yearly occurence):

Bit Rate / Listeners 200 Listeners
400 Listeners
800 Listeners
1600 Listeners
32Kbps NPR 7,000 or USD 93.33 NPR 13,000 or USD 173.33 NPR 24,000 or USD 320 NPR 50,000 or USD 666.66
64Kbps NPR 13,000 or USD 173.33 NPR 24,000 or USD 320 NPR 50,000 or USD 666.66 NPR 99,000 or USD 1,320
128Kbps NPR 24,000 or USD 320 NPR 50000 or USD 666.66 NPR 99,000 or USD 1,320 NPR 1,50,000 or USD 2,000


Features Included


No Hidden Fees - Free Setup 

The price you see on our web site, is the price you pay. With No Overages!!
Instant Setup on Payment 

Once you pay for your package, you will receive access to your hosting immediately! You can get your radio or web hosting within minutes.
99.9% Uptime Guarantee 

We provide hosting on high quality servers, allowing us to provide a 99.9% regular uptime guarantee.
Free Auto DJ 

Our free "Auto DJ" service enables you to upload and play music directly from our servers when no DJ is connected. With FTP access
Flash Player & Scripts 

We offer a free flash player with many scripts enabling you to integrate your station with your website.
Control Panel - Centova Cast 

Our control panel is # 1 in the industry, it allows you to have full control over your Radio server!

Cheapest web hosting rates!

S.No. Package Name Space Price (Per year)
1 BRT Lite 25 MB Rs. 1200/-
2 BRT Copper 50 MB Rs. 1500/-
2 BRT Silver 100 MB Rs. 2000/-
3 BRT Gold 1 GB Rs. 6000/-
4 BRT Platinum 2 GB Rs. 8000/-
2 BRT Corporate 3 GB Rs. 12000/-
3 BRT Special 5 GB Rs. 15000/-